Global VR Classroom

The first live VR network broadcasting to theaters and centers worldwide conducted by Brian Greene

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Brian Greene

New York Times List Bestselling Author
Professor of Physics and Mathematics, Columbia University

Worldwide VR Network

Uniting VR centers from USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, South Africa, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Belarus, and Israel in one shared VR Classroom.

ABELANA VR PRODUCTIONS is a team of media and technology professionals dedicated to making the world a better place by advancing virtual and augmented reality to new heights.

Our primary focus is location-based VR, and various kinds of content that could be produced for it. We believe that virtual and augmented reality is an excellent tool to profoundly influence advancement of knowledge, culture, and humanity itself. To help achieve this goal we are putting together a global network of highly talented and extremely dedicated people.


Our team was started by Mikita Labanok and Anton Kuznetsov who brought together people from two continents and a variety of backgrounds united by one vision of the future. Today we all work together to make this dream a reality.

We believe that virtual reality is a completely new medium in its own right, where rules are yet to be written, and that can thrive only at a crossroads between achievements in various industries.

For this reason, we have assembled professionals from software development, video game publishing, film production, television, narrative storytelling, education, and other fields. We are confident that ability to express thoughts and ideas through virtual and augmented reality will be the literacy of new generations, and we are passionately contributing to this progress.


Although it builds on advances in video game and film production, at its core virtual reality is neither of them. It borrows heavily from both sides, but it is destined to lay its own path in yet uncharted waters. Going this way would be extremely difficult without our partners who bring their unique knowledge and skills. Volumetric 3D recording, video and photogrammetry, visual effects, video game development, and 3D modelling are all essential to our production.

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And yes, we are in BROOKLYN, NY!