Dear fans of Romina Russell and her wonderful ZODIAC series. We are working on a surprise for you – well, it is probably not a surprise anymore if we tell you – a virtual reality event with Romina in a ZODIAC themed digital space. The virtual experience will be located on the High Fidelity social platform that unites a variety of virtual worlds.

But we need your help! If you want us to bring this event to a virtual reality venue in your area, please use the map below to find a VR center that fits you the most, and highlight your interest by clicking the “Notify Me” button. We will send you information about the time and date of the event when it becomes available.

If your area has no virtual reality venues you will still be able to join the event through personal virtual reality systems and regular PCs by using the High Fidelity social platform.

Romina Russell New York Times bestselling author Romina Russell originally hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. She is a graduate of Harvard College and a Virgo to the core. Follow her on Twitter @RominaRussell and visit for more information about the series and your horoscope!