VIRTUAL CLASSROOM is the first of a kind educational VR experience designed for group visits from schools, summer camps, education centers, and for everyone else who wants to experience how virtual reality makes scientific concepts intuitive and easy to grasp in a collective learning environment. VIRTUAL CLASSROOM is specifically designed for VR arcades, VR lounges, and other types of location-based VR venues.
Jump Into The Light
New York, USA
Motivated by numerous calls from our partners among VR operators our team decided to develop a multiuser educational experience that takes the full advantage of out-of-home virtual reality. We aim to help educators and other professionals who work with children aged 12+ to bring STEM disciplines to the next level of teaching and understanding.
Ctrl V
Waterloo, Canada
Our first virtual classroom is dedicated to the topic of atoms, orbitals, the periodic table of elements, and a variety of tools that help to bring this conversation to a completely new level. We firmly believe that by using virtual reality we can put our education system up to speed with accelerating progress of science and technology, making complex science accessible to everyone. And VR venues play an invaluable role in this process.