Dear fans of Romina Russell and her wonderful ZODIAC series. We are happy to announce to you a special virtual reality destination that we have created in cooperation with the High Fidelity social platform and Penguin Young Readers.

In this virtual space set in the universe of the Zodiac you can enjoy a visual atmosphere of your beloved book series, wear avatars of main characters, learn more about all houses of the Zodiac, teleport to sub worlds, browse through Romina’s social networks, mingle with other fans, and even meet with the author herself!

High Fidelity is a unique platform that allows people to meet and socialize in virtual reality. You can surely do it using a VR headset, but even if you don’t have one you can still join it through desktop and mobile applications, as well as participate in live events on YouTube.

You can see the opening live VR event with Romina Russell here.

Romina Russell New York Times bestselling author Romina Russell originally hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. She is a graduate of Harvard College and a Virgo to the core. Follow her on Twitter @RominaRussell and visit for more information about the series and your horoscope!